Welcome! We’re Forst Home Design, and we’re here to make your dream home a reality. We are a full-service home design company here in Cleveland, Ohio. Our goal is to give you a home that you love and are proud of. Through interior and exterior design, we work with you every step of the way to create your ideal space.

Interior Design

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What’s your vision for the inside of your home? Are you dreaming of an open concept kitchen and a spacious living room? Maybe your home isn’t functional for your family anymore and you need to reshape it into something that’ll work better for you. Your Cleveland home design needs could be as simple as a new paint job, or as complex as a total home remodel. Whatever your interior design needs are, Forst Home Design is here to help!

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Exterior Design

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A house’s curb appeal is an important piece of what makes it a home. You want your home to look nice and feel like home even before someone steps inside. Forst Home Design can help you achieve that! Our exterior design services include landscaping, house painting and siding, and creating outdoor living spaces.


What our clients have to say

Dan Forst is a delight to work with. Whether your tastes are traditional, contemporary, eclectic, formal, casual or a combination, he has an exceptional knowledge of design and decorative style and excellent resource for furniture, fabrics, trims, and fixtures to provide the desired look.
— L.S., Beachwood OH

Dan has radically transformed our home! We are so very impressed by the quality and professionalism of all the work done on this project and by Dan’s attention throughout in perfecting all details. His design and management skills have given us beautiful living space that continues delight to us. Our home looks stunning.

Leveraging Dan’s design services to re-design our home was the best thing we have done. Dan’s eye for color and design have created a warm and comfortable environment. Dan is aligned with the highest caliber of tradespeople and vendors that have made all of this design second to none.

When I decided to finally paint my home, I was challenged with trying to figure out what color palette would work best. I knew I wanted something dramatic and different but timeless. Dan took the time to chat with me about my sense of style and helped me develop my home into a elegant, contemporary and stylish place. I love it! We did not stop with color on the walls…the floor. lighting and counter tops were all tackled as well…to add to the cohesive look of style. Thanks to Dan Forst, I have a home that I am proud of, and really represents me.
— M.R., Brunswick OH

Dan has the best eye for color of anyone I have ever met and he used his talent to help me discover my own style. His approach is very sensitive and caring while still challenging my own vision. I cannot say enough about what Dan has done for our home and my own learning about home design. It’s been so much fun!
— S.R., Fairview Park OH

I couldn’t be happier with the transformation Daniel made to the first floor of our home. He is a professional and took care of coordinating everything – from the floors to the ceilings, and every detail in between. He is a real joy to work with – in fact, so much so, we have started a new project. I am enjoying the journey and very excited about seeing the final result! Thank you Daniel!
M.W., Olmstead Township OH

Dan Forst has done a great job in assisting me in my home redecorating. He was there when I needed new window treatments assisting in picking our fabric and also helping her put up the curtains etc. Dan also is great in shopping around for bargains so you don’t have to spend top dollar for some really nice pieces.
— M.S., Rocky River OH

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